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Here’s yet another useful testimonial submitted through a new customer of Repipe Specialists.

In August of this year my spouse and I got into contact with numerous providers to put together bids to repipe the house. Not only did Repipe Specialists give us the most suitable estimate, we have been very delighted because of the salesperson who visited the house. The man is extraordinarily skilled and even demonstrated the water pipe that would be used in our home whenever we decided upon his particular company for the job.

After my wife and I discussed three estimates, we decided upon Repipe Specialists with regards to qualified business techniques. All of the workforce arrived on the morning and time frame which they explained they’d get going on the hard work. At the end of the day, the repair was actually finished. A piece of yard ended up being cleared to be able to place the pipes, and so the sod had been replaced, and also it is barely detectable where they excavated our trench. Shortly after several weeks since the project was completed, the lawn effectively looks as great when it did before the services. The next morning immediately after the modern copper pipes were put in, the sheet rock work was completed, and it was more than and above our expectations as far as quality.

A few days later, I had to get a hold of Repipe Specialists to get an adjustment made in one of the valves in the bathroom shower. The subsequent morning one of your plumbing experts came out to our home to fix the problems. We have been very pleasantly surprised because the whole repipe job was done exactly as stated and without delay. So many times you hear about companies who will not respond once the work is completed. This is not the case by using Repipe Specialists.“I could vouch for Repipe Specialists to my closest friends for superb service as well as their competitive price for the job.
- David Stringer